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symmetry bodymind wellness

massage • osteopathy • acupuncture • traditional chinese medicine

A collective of practitioners and disciplines whose goal is to help the people of Southwest Calgary gain some symmetry of the body, mind, and spirit.

Vicars School

of Massage therapy

Each massage is only $35.  Appointments include an assessment, a one-hour massage, and a short home-care consultation. Your massage therapist will be a Vicars student. There is a trained supervisor at every clinic, and they may be present for part of your massage to offer feedback to your student therapist.


Sartre is an online health and fitness coach who is passionate about working with busy professionals to form healthy habits at home. Sartre supports your overall fitness goals without you having to give up your favourite foods or spend a lot of time exercising. He accomplishes this through personal training, kinesiology and fitness behaviour change coaching.

Denise Bourgeault

Registered Psychologist Westhills Counselling

Denise offers individual counselling, couple’s counselling, and relationship counselling.

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